2024 03 31 words


防ぐ ふせぐ to prevent, to protect, to avoid, to avert 防止

逃がす にがす to let loose, to set free, to let escape 逃走

のどが渇く のどがかわく to be thirsty, to feel thirsty

话し合う はなしあう to discuss, to talk together, to consult 谈话

通り過ぎる とおりすぎる to pass by, to go past, to pass through 通行

やっと finally, at last, barely, narrowly, hardly, only just, just managed to 終於

ぴったり exactly, neatly, sharp, closely, just in time, just right, perfectly, exactly 适合

引き受ける ひきうける to undertake, to take up, to take over, to be responsible for, to accept, to guarantee, to contract, to undertake 引受

  • 仕事を引き受ける。
  • 接受工作。

最后更新: May 8, 2024
创建日期: May 8, 2024